Scattered Stars - The Orion Club

Act I

Welcome to the Grand Illusion!

January 1877

A group of heroes are contacted by a shadowy “gentleman’s club” to gain membership and do good for the human race.

Jace: The brash carnival showman who lets his pistols talk for him.

Lawrence: The former British military man, who faced the evils of humanity, and so much more, in the deserts of Afghanistan.

Indrani: The back-alley sawbones who is bent on discovering everything she can about monsters.

Walter: The exiled prince from a foreign land, running from his past.

Sir Frederick: A madman, a tramp, a brilliant scientist.

The heroes join the Orion Club, and tear the wool from their eyes, embarking on a grand adventure that will test their loyalty, belief and mettle.


stoopidnerds stoopidnerds

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