Scattered Stars - The Orion Club

Season 2

April 1877

The heroes arrive in Deadwood, a free city in the Sioux Nation. They buy a plot of land, and establish themselves as local heroes. They meet a new addition to the party.

Cletus: The racist automaton, hell bent on destroying the supernatural, and any race he deems unworthy.

They tussle with some bat creatures on the roads outside of town, and find that the Iron Dragon Rail company is behind the genetically altered menace.

The heroes investigate, and find a series of caves where the IDR engineered the bats. They also find an assassin (one who made a previous attempt on Walter’s life) at the heart of the clean up effort on IDR behalf. After a lengthy chase, and climactic battle aboard a train, the heroes return to Deadwood, having miffed the landing (killing their only witness in the heat of passion) and serving Cole Richmond, their Sioux Nation benefactor, with a weak case against the IDR. Things settle down, as the heroes grow accustomed to life in Deadwood.

The heroes raid the Deadwood Mine, home base to the IDR, and, in an epic show of heroism, lose one of their own. Jace dies, gun blazing, holding the door for his colleagues.

In the final fight with the head of IDR, Lo Pan, the heroes accidentally trigger a giant reaction in a large deposit of ghost rock, nearly killing them.

Their world is turned white.

They come to in the same cave, only they are greeted by an old woman in a rocking chair. She is the Oracle, aged, and withered.

It is 1925, and many things have changed.

Season 1
Erin Go Bragh

February 1877

The heroes head to Ireland to investigate the disappearance of an Orion Club colleague. There they find a diabolical cult that worships an entity known as “The Yellow King.”

They escape the Emerald Isle with their lives.

They return to London, and console the grieving widow of the lost operative. They meet new (and strange) allies, face off with minor threats, and ultimately get hot on the trail of the Yellow Cult, masquerading as the gentleman’s club, The Brave New World.

The heroes meet the Oracle, a young woman with the gift of Sight. She can see all realities, all at once. She begs them for aid, and they cure her of her “gift,” and set her free. This will prove to have dire consequences.

The heroes attend a party at the Brave New World, investigate, are found out, and barely escape with their lives. They gas an entire crowd of people, killing thirty five. While there, they uncover a plot to bring a transdimensional being onto our earth.

The heroes rush to Stone Henge, the site of the ritual, face off with the remnants of the Yellow Cult, foil the summoning, and banish the Yellow King to a new dimension, to do war with his hated brother, Cthulhu.

The heroes return, and Horace Green, the head of Orion, banishes them from Britain, as The Oracle was his daughter, and the heroes’ actions were seen as a grave overreach of power. Green sends our heroes to the American West, to a small frontier town called Deadwood, where they will establish a stateside branch of the club.

Act I
Welcome to the Grand Illusion!

January 1877

A group of heroes are contacted by a shadowy “gentleman’s club” to gain membership and do good for the human race.

Jace: The brash carnival showman who lets his pistols talk for him.

Lawrence: The former British military man, who faced the evils of humanity, and so much more, in the deserts of Afghanistan.

Indrani: The back-alley sawbones who is bent on discovering everything she can about monsters.

Walter: The exiled prince from a foreign land, running from his past.

Sir Frederick: A madman, a tramp, a brilliant scientist.

The heroes join the Orion Club, and tear the wool from their eyes, embarking on a grand adventure that will test their loyalty, belief and mettle.


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